The River Järleån

East of Norasjön lake, at the Järleån river inlet, the hike heads towards Järle. Along the roaring river, across footbridges and through pastures, the trail cuts through the beautiful cultural landscape. The large number of various deciduous trees conceal twittering birds, and in the pastures you can catch sight of an occasional grazing friend. The Järleån river valley slopes down towards the river. Some parts are steep, but the sturdy steps are a reliable companion and a fun component. Water power from the Järleån river has historically played an important role in Bergslagen, making possible the operation of foundry, mill and forge for iron processing. Today parts of the Järleån river are a tranquil nature reserve and the hammermills have long since fallen silent. In early spring the rapids are most powerful, but the landscape offers you wonderful experiences year-round. There are many rest areas along the river, and it is easy to make adjustments in the tour for both short and longer adventures.

Length: 2–12 km
Time: 1–4 hours
Start: Main parking
Degree of difficulty: Easy to challenging