With Uskavigården and beautiful Lake Usken at our back, we step right into the adventure. This tour offers several of Bergslagen’s gems and is therefore just right for the curious explorer. Bromsjöbodar is an abandoned village that was left to its fate in the 40's. The contrast that the somewhat creepy deserted houses and the beautiful open village engender in the landscape is palpable. Why the village was abandoned is unclear, but Maria Lang, the queen of whodunnits from Nora, has drawn inspiration from the site for her book, En Främmande Man (“A Strange Man”). The tour borders the Leja nature reserve where you will find, among other things, abandoned industrial ruins from the mining of chalcopyrite. The ruins are exciting, and it’s beautiful to see how nature is slowly regaining this place. During the first weeks of June, the rare lady’s slipper orchid blooms here. Back in Uskavi, there are many opportunities for both sleeping accommodations and further adventures. Nearby attractions include the splendid and well-preserved Siggebohyttan, a miner’s estate from the late 18th century. For those interested in bargain hunting, there are flea markets clustered along Tre Sjöars Väg during the summer.

Length: 12 km
Time: 4 hours
Start: Uskavigården
Degree of difficulty: Medium