Stadra Teater

Stadra Teater – exquisitely situated next to the mystique of Lake Grecken. Mention the names of well-known people associated with theatre like Agneta Pleijel, Marika Lagercrantz, Selma Lagerlöf, Hjalmar Gullberg or Staffan Göthe.

All have been involved in some way with Stadra Teater. Imagine blue chairs hanging in the trees, or in some years blue bicycles. Picture a manor house from the 18th century and a sweet little sculpture park. Or let your thoughts drift away to Teaterkaféet Paradiset, where you can eat seven kinds of cookies or eat sachertortes, where you can have a glass of wine, or beer, or Swedish punch during intermission. Yes, there you have a small fraction of everything that is Stadra Teater. The place where the soul takes wing. The most beautiful venue in Bergslagen!