Pershyttan Culture Reserve

Pershyttan is one of Sweden’s best preserved mining villages. The area is a cultural reserve which is a great experience at any time of year. You can get an idea of how it was when the foundry and mines were in use, most look as they did right to the last day of work. In Pershyttan, ore was mined and iron wrought from the middle ages until the 1960s, and there are a number of mines in the area around the mining village. The foundry is one of Sweden’s best preserved charcoal foundries. There is also a waterwheel, flatrod drive system, coalhouse and beautiful homesteads to discover in the area. In a train carriage by the visitor centre is Pershyttan Tågcafé which is open in summer.

Lockgruvan mine

40 metres below ground. Lockgruvan, one of the early iron ore mines in Pershyttan, was in operation until 1909. In 2004 it opened to visitors, and many have taken the opportunity to experience the majestic atmosphere of the cave. You can too! Come along on a guided tour 40 metres below ground.