Pershyttan Culture Reserve

Take the vete-ran railway from Nora to the mining village of Pershy-tan. There is a new visitor centre at the platform that serves as an introduction to your tours inside the culture reserve. Set out on the new walking trails that all start from the same place and are just a few kilometres long. This is where the miners worked. The village is well preserved, as is the grand blast furnace, the deep pits, Lockgruvan mine and the impressive water wheel that powered a 200-metre long linkage.
Go on a guided tour or discover the area on your own. This environment is stimulating for the imagination and there is something for everyone here, young and old.

Pershyttan’s blast furnace

Guided tours in the blast furnace. Time has stood still in Pershyttan’s blast furnace. Everything looks exactly the way it did when the furnace was left after the last firing, complete with equipment and everything. There are guided tours here in summer. Come inside and experience the exciting history behind Sweden’s best-preserved charcoal blast furnaces.

Lockgruvan mine

40 metres below ground. Lockgruvan, one of the early iron ore mines in Pershyttan, was in operation until 1909. In 2004 it opened to visitors, and many have taken the opportunity to experience the majestic atmosphere of the cave. You can too! Come along on a guided tour 40 metres below ground.